Kelly initially took on my 2 rather large German Shepherds Turbo & Diesel on a daily basis five days a week. Turbo had complex mobility and health issues that Kelly was not fazed by when she met us. Subsequently when we lost Turbo and over time took on a number of foster dogs, she and the team embraced all of their collective ‘special needs’. Buster the 8 year old Rottie, Trouble the 17 year old deaf Cocker Spaniel and Ripple the 11 year old Epileptic Staffy. All the while still looking after my aging German Shepherd Diesel. After the loss of Diesel, Kelly and the team now permanently visit Ripple and Romey the Romanian (Rescue), German Shepherd Cross. Kelly and the team have now been with me for over two years sharing the highs and lows of our canine Journey. The dedication and commitment is second to none, they are all passionate and it is not just a ‘job’ for any of them. Trust and confidence leaving my dogs with others is crucial for me, and I have no hesitation leaving my furbabies in the care of any of the WagnBone Team. All of my dogs have received excellent care, are well looked after and I have peace of mind when I’m working.