Proud to call myself a “Dog walker”

I have lost count of the times I have been asked “What do you do? What is your occupation? Where do you work? Whether filling in an online form, chatting to friends of friends, or engaging in polite conversation with a total stranger.

And my answer is “I am a dog walker”. But that wasn’t always the case!

For many years, since my business began, in 2016, I always felt the need to elaborate, justify or explain. I would hear myself saying things like; “I run a pet services business” or “I am a pet professional”, or my absolute fave “I am a dog walker, but also a qualified trainer”.

Somehow saying “I am a dog walker” just didn’t feel enough!

I could never really understand why I felt this way, it would niggle at me, and I would often anticipate this question when a stranger would ask about the dog’s I was with. I would begin rehearsing internally what I would say, mentally preparing for the eye rolls, or the “Witty remarks”.

And then one day it finally dawned on me, why for so long I was reluctant to utter those words and why I felt so passionately about justifying the path I had chosen…. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A DOG WALKER.

Whilst in our care we are your dog’s protector, champion, custodian, and playmate, forming long lasting bonds and pawsome memories.

But that is only the beginning…

Ensuring that we provide the very best human experience means we must be ready with a listening ear and sound, informed advice, that we tactfully challenge and question, and when the time comes for your best pal to make their journey over the rainbow bridge, we offer kind words, an open heart, and a warm hug (even when our own hearts are breaking into a thousand pieces).

And of course, we may do many more things, such as providing a warm and loving home boarding environment or continually hone our craft which allows us to deliver the very best training and behaviour support…

But being a dog walker is absolutely enough.

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