Training and Behaviour

Experience has taught me that dog training is less about training our four-legged friends and more about educating owners and improving communication at both ends of the lead. Helping owners understand what their dog is REALLY trying to tell them and opening their eyes to the subtle signs that are ever present, is key to building engagement and a long-lasting bond, between dog and human.

We only use science based, positive reinforcement methods, allowing your dog the freedom to make good choices. So, if you are looking for a quick fix, or are open to dominance or punishment-based methods, I’m afraid you are on the wrong page! However, if you are looking for authentic, long-lasting results produced over time, I am happy to help.

Training Programmes

General training and obedience

One-to-One Training Sessions

Prior to agreeing any one to one training (excluding puppy packages) an initial 90 minute consultation will be carried out, which allows us to fully understand your dog’s history, identify behavioural triggers and to discuss your concerns in more detail.

One-to-one training sessions are available remotely (depending on the nature of the issue), or in person and typically last for 60 minutes.

Training plans are designed and priced based on individual requirements, indicative prices are shown below.

*Prices are based on singular dogs. Discounts may be available for multi dog households.

Initial Consultation
Two Sessions
Four Sessions
In Person

Complex Training Requirements

For more complex cases a bespoke training plan is required, and all training sessions will take place in person, in and around your home and local environment.

Prior to us developing a bespoke training plan (excluding puppy packages) an initial 90 minute consultation will be carried out, which allows us to fully understand your dog’s history, identify behavioural triggers, and discuss your concerns in more detail.

There are four options available, and we will make recommendations based on our initial consultation.

Puppy Packages

We offer two unique puppy packages, covering all of the fundamentals, myths, management strategies, general obedience, guidance, and support.

Whether you have already welcomed a puppy into your home and want to get off to the best start, or you are eagerly awaiting their arrival and would like to get ahead of the game, we can help you get off on the very best paw!

Setting your puppy up for success by providing an environment based around enrichment, boundaries and consistency, is the first key step in allowing them to become confident, engaged and fear free. It’s perfect for first time puppy owners and for those who have previous experience but wish to enhance their knowledge and reduce the likelihood of unwanted behaviours.

6 Week One-to-One Coaching – £228

Suitable for pups aged 8 weeks to 6 months

Canine body language and behavioural cues

General obedience commands
Teaching an effective settle
Enrichment methods

Impulse control

Confidence building and calming games

Effective socialisation
Introduction to loose lead walking
Introduction to recall
Management strategies

8 Week One-to-One Coaching – £275

For pups who have not arrived home, we provide all of the above plus…
What to expect in those first few days
Introductions to resident dog/s
Equipment and toys

Separation issues

Introductions to children
Crate/Pen training
Toileting routines
Planning ahead

We include fact sheets and quick guides to help you along your training journey and provide WhatsApp support throughout your programme.


So, what is positive reinforcement training?

What are some of the benefits of using positive reinforcement methods?

What are the key factors in using positive reinforcement methods?

Why do we use rewards?

How long will it take for me to see an improvement?



We were new owners of a golden retriever puppy and knew we would need guidance and support. From the moment my husband spoke to Kelly on the phone and throughout every training session she has been excellent. She tailored every session to both ours and our puppies needs, behaviours and challenges.

She always made herself available outside of our scheduled training sessions when we had questions or issues or in some instances were pulling our hair out and would either respond on message or on some occasions spend vast amounts of time talking us through how to deal with adhoc challenges. This additional time and support was not a standard part of the puppy programme so were hugely appreciated and further demonstrated her professionalism, service, and commitment.

We would highly recommend her and will certainly continue to utilise the full suite of services offered by WagnBone as we trust the advice, knowledge and care offered.

Diane & Neil
April 2024 - via Google

Kelly has been superb helping me train my puppy, not only does she teach me training techniques and commands, she listens to the challenges we may be having from week to week and offers good advice to help and support us be successful. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Kerri Viggar
February 2024, via Google

Came across WagnBone Adventures on Facebook advertising the Canine first aid course. Kelly was really really helpful and made me and my daughter feel very welcome. The course was really informative and thought provoking and we both learnt things we never knew. Thank you Kelly would highly recommend.

Samantha Smith
September 2023 - Via Google

Attended the Canine First Aid course yesterday. Excellent course and well worth attending. Lots of very useful information. One never knows when accidents etc are likely to happen, but at least through doing the course you have a better chance of being able to help our dogs. Thank you Kelly for hosting the course and to Jane for delivering it.

Sarah Stuart
September 2023 - Via Google
We can't thank Kelly enough for all the help and advice she has given to us. Milo has come on leaps and bounds.
August 2023 - Via Google

Kelly was very helpful and friendly, helped so much with my new Sprocker puppy. We’ve learnt so much from Kelly and we’ve got a totally different puppy now!
Can’t wait for Lola to come stay at the home boarding when we go away!
Thankyou so much Kelly, we’ll miss seeing you every week. From the crazy bunch at number 97.

Laura Keen
August 2023 - Via Google

I came across Kelly’s website whilst looking for some help to prevent my 2 very energetic young Collie’s from becoming the local delinquents, the two main issues I needed help with is pulling on the lead & jumping up at people.

From our initial conversation & consultation Kelly has been amazing. We are only 4 sessions into an 8 week programme & #collietransformaton, #smilingfurmomma. With Kelly’s guidance & support we have gone from being dragged along the street to two loose leads, two engaged collies & one smiling fur momma. Our walks have been completely transformed & are much more enjoyable I can’t thank Kelly enough for her time, advice, support & encouragement.

We are about to start out jumping up sessions & I am full of confidence that this will be just as successful.

Jane Badger
August 2023 via Google

Very friendly and showed us some really valuable skills. Very informative and has some extensive knowledge on engaging activities to calm an energetic pup. Have recommended WagnBone adventures many times!

Chloe Sarginson
May 2023 via Google

I contacted WagnBone for help with my dogs reactivity. I have a very nervous rescue husky and have not had much success with training in the past. Louise was brilliant, she worked at my dogs pace to build her confidence up. I have seen a huge change in her, she is now much more relaxed on walks, pulls less and is far less reactive.

March 203 via Google

The training program is really good and practical for my pet puppy. The scheduling of training is flexible. Very happy overall.

Mike Cinco
March 2023 via Google

Had four one to one sessions as a novice dog owner after getting a new puppy Louise the trainer was excellent helped me understand both pups and my own behaviour and how to work with the pup to settle into his new home and stop any potential problem behaviours. Sessions easy to arrange and Louise was punctual, professional and supportive throughout. Would highly recommend service

Justine Lee
January 2023 via Google

Kelly and Louise really understood our needs with our reactive schnauzer. Although we are still in Training period with WagnBone, we are seeing a vast improvement with Loki. Thank you Ladies.

Ray Caudwell
November 2022 via Google

Hi we contacted Kelly in desperation about our puppy molly who frankly was doing our heads in with her behaviour mostly down to our lack of knowledge. She wouldn’t even go for a walk without us both being there with her, so frustrating, enter Louise 4 lessons later we’ve got a new dog unbelievable, still some work to do but she’s getting there. Can’t thank WagnBone enough thank you.

David Bailey
November 2022 via Google

First class service from Kelly with Dylan’s training. Understood the training aspects clearly. Would recommend the service to anybody who needed help with dog training and behaviour and helping us understand the training as well. Big thank you to you Kelly!!!

Ray Cunningham
August 2022 via Google

We have had 5 sessions of at home training with our Cockerpoo puppy Marty. He is very excitable little man with boundless energy and we were struggling with him at certain points during the evening. The training has given up techniques to settle Marty at these times and can now manage his behaviour successfully so that he is a able to be involved in all our family time without causes problems for us or our young girls. We couldn’t recommend the sessions enough and our follow up support has been amazing.

Lee Riches
July 2022 via Google

I’m coming to the end of my training with my sprocker spaniel, I struggled with recall and pulling on the lead, I’m a first time dog owner and after trying myself I knew getting coco some training would be beneficial. After contacting Wagnbone they swiftly put together a 5 stage training programme and its been brilliant! He’s definitely more engaged with me and I’ve taken him off the lead a few times in the woods and he’s come straight back to me, there is still work to do which needs to come from me but I’ve now got a solid platform to work with which I never had before, would highly recommend and thanks to Louise who was his trainer she was great.

Ant Drew
April 2023 via Google

We bought the puppy training package and had Louise as our trainer. Louise was fab and has a lot of knowledge on puppy behaviours. She’s been very patient and informative and is even meeting us at our chosen spots for each session. I would 100% recommend these services and will defiantly be coming back if ever needed again.

Chloe Murdoch
December 2022

First class service from Kelly with Dylan’s training. Understood the training aspects clearly. Would recommend the service to anybody who needed help with dog training and behaviour and helping us understand the training as well. Big thank you to you Kelly!!!

Ray Cunningham
July 2022